Rest In Peace Richard Allen Peterson (Born: Sept. 12 1946 D: Oct. 12 2009)

There's no any other way to say it, it's not good news. It's not a 2009 Blue Cheer tour itinerary or cool update about Dickie's new bass that I'd rather be doing, but a very sad one and an end to a part of my life. The world has lost a true, great, and dedicated musician. I only knew him since the summer of 2006, but through the few years I knew him, I had considered him to be one of my closest friends, with my wife being my very closest. I'm not just saying that to show off or brag because he was famous. He really treated me like a friend. He confided in me and shared his wisdom, advice, and musical knowledge. He invited me into his home and trusted me enough to let me stay there. He even let me photograph him in his bed one morning. I thought it would be a cool picture. Him caught in bed with his basses. I did cover up the bowl of weed that was in his bed all night though. Just a little, as you can see it peeking out if you look closely. I'm just mentioning this one thing because I want to convey to you, what a real down to earth guy Dickie was. We had fun that week, and I'll never forget it.

The last time we spoke, which was Sept 10th, just 2 days before his birthday, I could hear something in his voice that made me think he wasn't doing very well. Now, out of respect for his family, I'm not going to say anything about his health other than what everyone knows is that he had cancer. I had known it since he first knew because he called me to tell me the day after he found out. He wanted me to hear it from him and no one else. That was the friendship we had. It was an honor to be his bass tech and someone he could turn to for equipment advice. He mentions me in the commentary on the new dvd during "Summertime Blues" (check it out!) Ace Frehley, who I also knew, thanked me on stage once, but couldn't bother to remember me on his new cd. Dickie made sure I was included on the dvd and the last time we talked, he asked me if I had heard it yet. I thanked him for being the one to step up and give me a mention. He also mentioned me on a radio interview, which was really cool of him. (I have it here in the audio section.)

I'll really miss him and our phone calls. Since he was in Germany, I'd have to call in the morning because his time was 6 hours later. We'd talk for an hour or so sometimes. And within the last 6 or 7 months, I've been working on a new bass design for him. The new "Powerbass". The original "Tunis #1" was a little too bright for him compared to the "gray" one. So, after he toured with it for a year and tried it out, it was returned to me early this year. Dickie wanted me to shave down the back of the neck to make it thinner and to change out the abalone side dots to pearl, so he could see them better on a dark stage. I bought a used P bass style body, and decided I would fit the old neck on the new body, with a new pickup configuration. I would then take the original body, and put on a bass neck that I had, and that would become my bass. I had taken the neck with me out to Dickie's, and had him autograph the front. He wrote lines from "Doctor Please" on the back, the line I told him we should design a t-shirt around. The line is kind of ironic, and at the end of his life, I'm sure he said "Doctor, Please" at least once.

So, on Sunday, November 1, I finished his new bass. It's about 95% finished. I just want to still find the skull and crossbones sticker I wanted to find. Then, it will be done.

So, as of now, I will miss him. I will miss Blue Cheer performing, and seeing the regulars I've met at them. Going to dinner with Dickie before the shows. The chance to go to Germany and see him. The chance to re-record "Cowboy Blues" better than our first time. The chance to record my "Country Summertime Blues" Johnny Cash sounding version with him. I wanted him to touch and play his new bass, and not just see pictures of it through e-mails. I'll keep my promise to him though. I'll play the bass and start jamming. it won't just be stuck in my closet. It's me now. Thanks to Dickie, he's still teaching me and there's a different future. I take his thanks and his compliments on my guitar work into the future of my craft. I'll keep his memory alive. I'll never forget him. Our beloved cat Grynell passed away the very next day that Dickie did. It was a loss so great, I can only be at ease knowing that Dickie has one of his "Grandkitties" on his lap now.

November 2009

Updated: 14th January 2010
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